Smiles all ’round at Summer Festival Frolics 2017!

The perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday in the Park

The Festival kicked off with a toast of cool water as Councillor Danny Thorpe and our own Pearly Queen, Gwen Jones, officially opened the new drinking fountain dubbed ‘The Watering Hole’. The plumbing firm, 1st About Plumbing, sent a rep and our Park Ranger, John Tomlinson, represented Parks and Open Spaces who will maintain the fountain.

Photo by Brian Aldrich

We would also like to thank Councillors Sarah Merrill and Chris Kirby (and Danny) for giving us part of their ward budgets and Greenwich Parks Forum for their project grant which enabled the achievement of our goal at last. And a pat on the back to all of you who have supported past FSP Summer Festivals AND bought those calendars!

A huge THANK YOU also to the stallholders, entertainers, dog show team, the Management Committee and the members (along with the friends and relatives they coerced into helping!) for all their time and contributions before and during the Festival.  And of course we were pleased to see so many folks turn out and share the fun! A participants list and a photo gallery follow…

Stalls, entertainment groups, organisations and individuals

  • Bexley Ukelele Group
  • CatCuddles
  • Cressida Senkus, Yoga at Shrewsbury House
  • D Ng Tai Chi and class at Shrewsbury House
  • Forever Living
  • Gwen Jones, Pearly Queen
  • Hama Beads
  • Harpers Bizarre Art
  • Irene Telfer, pet-themed crafts
  • Janice Jupp Beads
  • Jazz Nights Quartet
  • Just Grooming, dog show organiser
  • Kevin’s Homemade Dog Treats
  • London Kills Me, art and textiles
  • Lou’s Cake n Bake
  • Meerkat Menagerie, Emergency Exit Arts
  • Members (2) who graciously donated electricity supplies
  • Michelle Smith & Willow Wildlife Refuge
  • Paws and Co.
  • Pets At Home
  • Pytchwood, folk duo
  • Sandra Bauer, beekeeper
  • Sandra Marques, photographer
  • Sarah Schmidt, facepainter
  • Scrabble Gifts
  • SNT – our Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • StepZDance School
  • The Gillies, folk duo
  • The Old Pet Cemetery, Charlton
  • Tony Ball, first aider
  • Wicked Whippy Ice Cream

The Gallery

A day to remember in our favourite Park!