Nature reserve

Hard at workThe Friends of Shrewsbury Park Committee were approached by Amber Poppelaars, the Project Manager with Interfaith Action, who offered volunteers to help with reclaiming the path through the former Nature Reserve. Amber and a number of teenagers (Miranda Brown, Tadhg Crowley, Ankit Dhakal, and Kostas Voukelatos) came to help Kathy Ron and Sonja cut a path through the brambles and nettles.

Amber, Miranda, Amber, Mirander, Kathy, Tadhg and Ankit

Amber, Mirander, Kathy, Tadhg and Ankit


Formed in 2006, the Friends of Shrewsbury Park encourage the use of Shrewsbury Park and support the development of facilities for recreation, education and amenities for local people and to encourage a sense of community around the park.