About the Friends

History of the Friends of Shrewsbury Park

The group was formed on 13th March 2006 at a meeting held in Shrewsbury House.  A Management Committee was elected at that meeting, and we have since met regularly to discuss the issues concerning the Park.

Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of:

  • Kris Inglis (Chair)
  • Sonja O’Sullivan (Treasurer)
  • Iris White (Membership Secretary)
  • Ron Senkus, Sandra Bauer, Paul Buckley, Ivanhoe Norona  and Andy King

Our first meeting

The first meeting of the Friends of Shrewsbury Park (FSP) took place on 13th March 2006, when the Management Committee were elected, and the following issues were identified:

  • Security (stopping vehicle access)
  • Rubbish (need for more bins)

The Committee drew up an Action Plan to deal with these issues, and discussed ways of improving the Park. The Committee meet at each other’s houses during the year and keep people informed at Public meetings


Since 2008 the Friends of Shrewsbury Park have:

  • Obtained funding from Veolia Trust to improve security to Dothill (we installed a kissing gate to stop motorcycles access)
  • Built and put up 6 bat boxes
  • Built and put up 13 bird boxes
  • With the help of Interfaith, we reinstated the path through the former Nature Reserve (thank you to all who helped)
  • Met with the Council Parks Department and local Councillors and got six new benches
  • Obtained four new rubbish bins
  • Had aggregate laid on Dothill to make the path easier
  • Organised an annual Summer Festival since 2008
  • Organised regular clean-up days
  • Held public meetings
  • Have actively recruited 320 members (have stalls at other events)
  • Produced regular newsletters
  • Dug a soakaway in Dothill to stop the large puddle that was causing access problems
  • Planted native bulbs supplied by Parks Dept, RBG
  • Liased with RBG to get fencing renewed, including a gate, to provide access from the Clothworkers Estate
  • Fundraised and obtained grants for a drinking water fountain installed near car park entrance


We now have nearly 400 members. The geographical spread of our membership indicates local interest and support as well as the bond felt by past residents, especially those who loved the park as children.  The majority give postal addresses in SE18, coming from Shooters Hill and Plumstead.

Not all members live in the local area, however, or even in London. Our membership’s geographical range has an impressive span from Australia to New York City. (See June Clark’s article “More than a Park” in newsletter no 3.) Modern technology has helped make this possible: over 350 members have given their email addresses, saving us much expense and time. If you have an email address and haven’t told us OR haven’t received members’ email since March, please let us know on werfsp@gmail.com).

We want our membership to grow, and we invite you to join us. Subscriptions are now free and open to everyone who appreciates and wants to preserve the wonderful treasure and beauty and peace that is Shrewsbury Park.

Friends of Shrewsbury Park Constitution

You can download a copy of the Friends’ constitution here (Word document, 35kb).

Formed in 2006, the Friends of Shrewsbury Park encourage the use of Shrewsbury Park and support the development of facilities for recreation, education and amenities for local people and to encourage a sense of community around the park.