WHO LIVES IN THE PARK? #2 – Results from October hedgehog survey

Have a look at this latest link and see a native resident of Shrewsbury Park on one of its nocturnal rambles.

This October a small band of members assembled and set out hedgehog tunnels at three likely spots in the park, all next to wildlife water bowls. As a result of the tracks recorded we put the FSP nature camera trained on this hog house donated a few years ago by two members. This is just one of videos that resulted. Lots of other critters use the water bowls and forage nearby.

Stay tuned for more videos every few weeks…


The FSP nature camera has been sited in various parts of the park undergrowth over the summer. First one to share was  captured on film visiting one of the wildlife watering bowls…

Watch the website for more critters in the coming weeks!

If you are interested in helping with a HEDGEHOG SURVEY this autumn please get in touch via werfsp@gmail.com. I know a few people have already offered, please send your contact details. First job is to construct some hedgehog tunnels near the feeding station to record tiny footprints of the hogs – or whatever else is mooching about.


It’s a gorgeous new calendar with photos taken by and chosen by members who love Shrewsbury Park – How good it that?!

Order at £6.50 via PayPal buy clicking the DONATE BUTTON  on the home page. Please include an address so we can arrange pick up or delivery. Cash or cheque purchases can be arranged by contacting werfsp@gmail.com

They make excellent Christmas presents or a gift for friends who have moved away from the area. Thank you in advance for supporting FSP activities.

To view all the entries go to the Lockdown Gallery #2