Flora and Fauna in Shrewsbury Park

Parks and Open Spaces Strategy

This document (which includes specific biodiversity actions) is Royal Borough of Greenwich’s contribution to achieving the targets identified in both the UK and London BAP. The formation of a local plan facilitates the targeting of species and habitats that are not only of significance nationally, but are of local importance within London and Greenwich. Biodiversity is an important part of securing the continued provision of access to natural habitats and species and cannot be achieved solely by conserving species included in this plan.

Link to current 5 year plan starting 2017:


“This Strategy recognises the value and commitment already shown by friends of parks and other community groups, residents and staff to help maintain and improve our parks and open spaces. It also recognises the need to maintain and increase this partnership approach to help
us care for and improve our parks and open spaces in the future.”

Formed in 2006, the Friends of Shrewsbury Park encourage the use of Shrewsbury Park and support the development of facilities for recreation, education and amenities for local people and to encourage a sense of community around the park.