Barrows to Barrage Balloons – Saturday 10 September at 2pm

This year’s Time Walk will show you how Shrewsbury Park developed, and how it fits into the wider landscape of Shooters Hill.

Andy Brockman, local archaeologist, will be leading a circular walk beginning and ending at the Shrewsbury Park car park taking in the Bronze Age burial mound at Mayplace Lane, the 18th century pleasure gardens and WW1 Anti Aircraft Guns site at Eaglesfield Park, the former Shrewsbury House Estate and Shrewsbury Park itself with the site of the WW2 Barrage Balloon and Open Air School.

Wear suitable footwear for a walk on pavements and uneven ground. The walk is tailored for adults and all children with an interest in history, well behaved dogs also welcome.
Please contact with mobility access questions.