Thank you, Team!

Thank you very much to everyone who turned out for bulb planting. The weather was kind and we managed to find homes for all 1000 crocuses and 1000 native daffodils.   After scientifically considering the light, drainage, views – and if we could manage to get a trowel or spade into the ground – we planted in several areas which will be revealed this spring.

happy-helpersIt became an amateur gardening and geology discussion whilst digging and running into tree root systems, London clay, mossy banks and the stoney layer that gives parts of the Park its super drainage.  But now all of the bulbs have been ‘squirreled’ away and are waiting for the warmth of spring sunshine.

Horticulture or archaeology?
How many left in my pocket now?

BULB WATCH starts in January: Let FSP know when and where you see green shoots appearing…