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2016 Calendar

Who’s in charge?  – Michelle Smith     That’s the caption for the cheery robin above who was the overall winner of our summer photographic competition, resulting in the 2016 FSP Calendar. Photos were taken by members, then displayed and voted on by all-comers at the Summer Festival 28 June 2015.  The other twelve most popular entries follow below.

Unfortunately the calendars sold out quickly, at £5 each, which did give the Park drinking fountain fund a healthy boost.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  Get out there NOW and start capturing all the seasonal wonders of the Park for entry into the 2016 competition!

With pictures by

  • Eugenia Brett
  • John Denton
  • Hilly
  • Anthony Hurren
  • Natasha Senkus
  • Ron Senkus
  • Kathy Smith
  • Michelle Smith
  • Iris White