Sun Salutations Successful!

On the last Sunday in September, under bright blue sky and glorious sunshine, about 50 people completed 108 yoga sun salutations and have so far raised over £1200 for Greenpeace.  The Yogathon lasted for about 3 hours and the participants were energised by the sequencing of movement, the sun and the fabulous surroundings.  At the end, sitting in the sunshine, with a backdrop of healthy green oak trees, we listened to the local Greenpeace representative as she spoke briefly and passionately about their concerns and activities.

Many had not been to the park before and of course it looked wonderful in the late summer glow, complete with a dog pursued by its owner running around our circle, and a kestrel winging its way in the sky above.    All loved it and it is hoped that it will be repeated next year.  This fundraising event could not have taken place at the park without its Friends – many thanks to Kris Inglis for her form-filling expertise, encouragement and liaison with RBG and with the event organiser, Priscilla Diniz – a passionate believer in saving our planet.

By Cressida Senkus, member and yoga teacher