Sizzling Summer Spree!

In case you don’t know firsthand, the Summer Spree was a huge success, the quintessential Summer Afternoon in the Park. And the Astronaut Training was a delightful addition.

Astronauts of tomorrow







Special thanks to the Management Committee: Ron Senkus, Sonja O’Sullivan, Iris White, Sandra Bauer, Paul Buckley, Alan Deacon and Andy King. They pulled out all the stops and made the event happen in style.

All of us would like to thank the members of FSP (and their tireless  friends and families) who delivered leaflets, baked, took photos for the competition, suggested ideas, put up gazebos, dragged chairs and tables and boxes around, ran errands, ran stalls, served endless thirsty people and spread their cheerfulness in what was a truly neighbourhood event.

FSP owe a big thank you to Shrewsbury House for their help and participation, more this year than ever before. What a team! And Men with a Van! Thanks to the Allotmenteers of Dothill for taking people around their plots, too. There have always been allotments in Shrewsbury Park.

Cool sounds on a hot day






Thank you to our MC, Andrew Ashaye, an all the Entertainers:

Jazz Nights with Dave Silk

Bexley Ukulele Group

Eltham Hill Steel Pans

StepZ Dance Kids


and The Gillies!





…and the stallholders who carried on through the heat!

Cat Cuddles, feline refuge

Cressida Senkus, Iyengar yoga demonstrations

Ella Gordon, canine artworks

Flamsteed Astronomy Society

Flaxton Honey

Friends of Shrewsbury House

Irene Telfer, dog-themed creations and Demelza supporters

Janice Jupp Beadwork

Kitcsh and Table

London Kills Me Textiles

Louise Todd Cakes

Sarah Schmidt, face painter

Scrabble Gifts

The Old Pet Cemetery

Wicked Whippy ice cream

*FSP would finally like to thank Parksfest,  Royal Borough of Greenwich Parks Department and Tudor Barn for their invaluable support of this community get-together.*

Kris Inglis, Chair

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