The Dothill Project

The Management Committee have been working on plans to improve the entrance to the Park at Garland Road and Dothill for several years. (Dothill is the former road that ran from Garland Road to Plum Lane). We wanted to prevent flooding across the path, and to stop motorcycles accessing the park.

The path across Dothill flooded regularly, making it very difficult for school children on their way to school, and other park users.

Chronic flooding of Dothill Path
Chronic flooding of Dothill Path

To provide drainage, members of the Friends of Shrewsbury Park first dug a trench,  and lined it with stones. This initially stopped the huge puddle forming when it rained.


However, this was not a permanent answer, we needed to get the puddle sorted out permanently, and stop motorcyclists accessing the park via Dothill.

Formed in 2006, the Friends of Shrewsbury Park encourage the use of Shrewsbury Park and support the development of facilities for recreation, education and amenities for local people and to encourage a sense of community around the park.