Drinking water fountain

We’re very excited to announce the long awaited, new Friends of Shrewsbury Park drinking fountain!  This has been a goal for many years, so the FSP Committee would like to thank you for everyone’s patience and help.

The fountain has been installed for a few months ensuring that all teething problems are dealt with, and we are proud that it is functioning and in use.

For those who don’t know, the fountain is situated near the entrance to the carpark of the park on Plum Lane.

New water fountain plaque
Photo by Brian Aldrich

Ever since a group of interested park users rose to Greenwich Council’s challenge in 2006 and formed a Friends Group for Shrewsbury Park, there has been a desire to reinstate a drinking water fountain for the benefit of humans and animals.  It has been a long haul to raise the money but, thanks to everyone buying our calendars and attending our summer festivals (plus the monies raised by previous Chair, Kathy, and our current Chair, Kris), we’ve finally achieved the goal.

It is true that the site of the fountain isn’t to everyone’s preference, however there is solid reasoning.  Sadly the existing pipework had collapsed and replacing it would have involved destroying the roots of several of the wonderful trees that make up the entrance to the environment.  We have managed to install both effective ‘soakaway’ systems and a levelled plinth. The Council have agreed to supply the water and general maintenance.  In addition we are looking into possible options for further ensuring the area is safe for children and dogs to use without road risk. Plans are being considered to replace the broken stump bollards along the drive nearby as well as a possible safe and winding path to this new feature.…  you can never think too much about Health and Safety.

The Parks and Open Spaces Department pointed out the huge expense involved in laying essential new pipework from Plum Lane to the far side of the car park so we began discussing positions closer to the water source. The next few years involved FSP creating the annual calendar to raise funds for the fountain. All monies raised at our annual Summer Festivals also contributed to a steady but slow increase.  After so many years the present Management Committee decided it was time to realise what we’d been telling people was ‘coming soon.’

We are thrilled to have water again, presented in a tested and suitable style for the Park. In the coming weeks we are looking forward to inviting you to the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Everyone who uses Shrewsbury Park is part of our community and we hope you enjoy using the FSP Water Fountain!

Thank you all again…  this is your fountain!

By Kevin Wuestefeld-Gray

Formed in 2006, the Friends of Shrewsbury Park encourage the use of Shrewsbury Park and support the development of facilities for recreation, education and amenities for local people and to encourage a sense of community around the park.